Thursday, February 11, 2016


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This blog reflects my long time interests in livestock guardians as well as historic and endangered breeds of poultry and livestock. I write about these topics for Storey Publishing, Mother Earth News, and Yale University Press.

Livestock Guardians: Using Dogs, Donkeys, and Llamas to Protect Your Herd

The Encyclopedia of Historic and Endangered Livestock and Poultry Breeds

The Farm Dog: Herders, Guardians, Terriers, and Other Traditional Working Partners (Storey 2016) full color 350+ pages

The Encyclopedia of Animal Predators (Storey, May 2017) full color 288 pages

Mother Earth News, Livestock Guardian expert

On our farm here in Michigan, we have raised historic breeds of poultry and turkeys, Morgan and Trakehner horses, Shetland sheep, and Fainting goats for more than 35 years. We also garden organically and keep beehives. Our farm products - including raw fleeces, roving, yarn, and knitting kits - are available on Etsy at Rustic Roots Farm.

Most importantly, our animals are protected by Kangal Dogs. Kangal Dogs are a traditional and very old livestock guardian breed from Turkey. We have owned LGDs (livestock guardian dogs) for more than 35 years and we have experience with different breeds. We choose the Kangal Dog because we believe they combine the best traits we value in a livestock guardian. We invite you to learn more about them here.

You can follow me on Twitter @JDohner and I participate in some wonderful Facebook communities: Learning About LGDs and Kangal Dog Club of America. Come join us and feel free to ask questions!